Responsible Recreation

With both Utah State Parks and National Parks reopening, we understand the excitement to get back into the natural playgrounds that surround us. Crowds and travel are certain to increase to these destinations as we head into the summer, which … Continued

Travel Trailer Features

Travel trailers are terrific for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors. Nothing beats being able to experience new places without needing to book a hotel, and today’s newest models are more luxurious than ever. When shopping at Legacy RV, your … Continued

RVs and Today

I have lived in Utah for the last 50 years and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  We have some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world.  We have the mountains and the National parks, we have lakes, … Continued

See Utah in an RV or Trailer

Utah RV dealers stay busy, and that’s unsurprising given the natural playground that the surrounding area offers. If you haven’t seen the state with the help of a motorhome or travel trailer, you simply don’t know what you’re missing. No … Continued

Why Do People Camp?

Why do people camp? I mean seriously, take a moment and really think about what camping is. You leave all the comforts of your home and you drag your family and your trailer out into the middle of the woods. … Continued