Have you ever gone to make a major purchase and feel dread and despair?  You’ve got your wheelin’ and dealin’ shoes on just hoping that you have enough in you to make that purchase. After you’ve spent countless nights on the internet reading all the specs, you think this is exactly what you want. You’re ready to become an RV owner!

You pile the wife and kids into the car to head down to the local RV dealer that has the trailer you’re looking for. Upon arrival, the family excitedly jumps out of the car to go take a look at the trailer.

The RV dealer dispatches a salesman immediately to help you. After about 3 words out of the salesman’s mouth, you realize this is not going to be easy. The salesman takes you to the trailer you want to see and it’s not quite what you were looking for. Things start to get tense. As the salesman starts to wind up his sales pitch not listening to what you are telling, things go from bad to worse. You ask him, “What else do you have that we can look at? “Hmmmm,” the salesman replies with a fast-talking, high-pressure tone, “we don’t really have anything else. I’m telling you, the one you came in to see is the one for you. That’s the one you need to buy! There’s no point in looking at anything else. It’s perfect for you!” You reply as nicely as you can, “We’re just not interested in this one” and the rest is history. You leave disappointed and wonder to yourself, “Are all dealers this way? Let’s give it one more chance.”

Driving down the street you pull into another dealership where again another salesman is dispatched to you. His demeanor is different than the last salesman. “Hey folks” he says, “We’re getting ready to close, are you buying tonight?” You reply, “Well we don’t know yet we just want to look at what you have.”

He grabs a golf cart and quickly spins you around the lot to see if anything catches your eye. The problem was he went so fast you didn’t get a good look at anything. “Well folks thanks for coming in. Feel free to come back during normal business hours.” He says as he drives you straight to your car. You notice they shut the entrance gate right behind you as if they can’t wait another second.

“Hmmmm,” you think, “We’ve been to two dealers we had two completely different experiences, but both of them were bad.”

As your driving away, you feel extremely discouraged and don’t want to work with another cheesy salesman and repeat what just happened.

You decide to look at just one more dealer. You pull into LEGACY RV CENTER. It looks like they’re about to close as well. You ask salesman, “What time do you close?” the salesman kindly says, “When we’ve helped our last customer.”

Feeling relived, you realize there’s something different here. The salesman asks you a few quick questions to get an idea of what you’re looking for and then says “Let’s go have some fun!” as he guides you and your family out onto the lot. He has you, your wife, and your kids all laughing after just a couple of minutes. In between jokes, he shows you some really insightful features about the trailers he’s showing you. “Why are you in such a good mood?” you ask him. He replies, “Because I sell FUN!”

“Finally we’ve found the promise land” you think to yourself. With the help of the salesman, you and your family pick just the travel trailer, a 2020 Alta 2800BH.

You walk inside only to find out you don’t have to haggle back and forth over the price. They simply asked you and your wife a few questions like, “Would you like to add a sway control hitch?” You buy the Alta 2800BH that night, Legacy RV provided the no-hassle financing, and the next day the service manager calls to set up your walk-through orientation on your new trailer. “A walk through? I ask, “What’s that? “Its to teach you how to work all the cool things on your trailer and make sure you are 100% familiar with how everything works before you go out on your first trip.”

It’s the big day of picking up your trailer. The technician spent a ton of time explaining how everything works and making sure all of your questions were answered.

By the time you’re all done, you realized how simple it really is to buy a trailer from the right dealership.

Best price doesn’t always mean the best dealers.

We are a family owned business who’s goal is to give every customer the best buying experience in the HISTORY OF EVER. We train every person that works for us to do their best every day. We teach them to treat customers how they would want to be treated and last of all we want it to be FUN, FUN, FUN, AND DID I SAY FUN?!






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