Responsible Recreation

With both Utah State Parks and National Parks reopening, we understand the excitement to get back into the natural playgrounds that surround us. Crowds and travel are certain to increase to these destinations as we head into the summer, which is why it is important to take precautions if you are planning to go out into the wilderness anytime soon.

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation is advising all visitors to use common sense if planning a trip to the parks. This can be easily done by avoiding crowded places such as trailheads and maintaining a good distance from others that you are not traveling with. It is also important to reschedule your trip to a if you are feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms. Should you need to use any public facilities, always clean up after yourself and wash your hands when possible. Practice “pack it in and pack it out” etiquette to keep the areas clean for everyone.

It is also important to follow up with all your planned destinations and activities prior to heading out, as each location’s situation and status remains fluid. Although many of these recreation areas have reopened, double check with the surrounding campgrounds and hotels concerning their operation; some of these services may be closed for the time being and alternative places to stay or camp may need to be found. This may also be the case for most visitors centers, stores, and museums in both the National and State Parks.

Keep in mind that many backcountry hiking and canyoneering permits may not be issued for the time being. In places such as Zion National Park, trails such as Angel’s Landing and the Narrows may be limiting trail access. Many visitors are reporting that others are taking shorter hikes, leading to quicker turnaround times for vehicles parking in the lots.

RVs and travel trailers make it even easier to practice safe travel measures these days. Having a private quarters with a restroom and kitchen gives you the ability to maintain a responsible social distance from others. This can feel invaluable when you are needing to do things such as showering or cooking. Additionally, you simply can’t beat the comfort that comes with an RV or trailer with beds, couches, air conditioning, and and entertainment center. At Legacy RV in Salt Lake City, we are the Utah travel trailer and RV dealership that knows how to find the right product for each and every customer.

Regardless of your plans this summer, having an RV is a great way to ensure that you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors for many years to come. Here at Legacy RV, we’re eager to help you do just that.

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