RV Tips: 5 Tips for Keeping Your RV Cool in the Summer

You’ll encounter some hot days at the campground whenever you travel in the summer. If you are looking for a great way to keep your RV cooler while you enjoy spending time with your family away from home, these RV tips from a full-time RV dealer are the best way to go! Learn more below!

Park in the Shade

The first tip seems pretty straightforward, but it can take some planning. Call your campground ahead of time and ask about shaded sites when booking your stay. A campsite with better shading over your RV will help you keep the interior cooler all day long.

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Extend Your Awning

One of the things we do every day in the summertime is open the awning first thing in the morning. The additional protection from the sun helps us to reduce the strain on our AC units by keeping the interior from getting hot in the first place. You can even set up a free-standing awning at your campsite to create more shade!

Cover Roof Vents

Another great way to limit the amount of heat getting into your RV is by covering up the roof vents with a reflective surface. We use foil insulation in our windows and vents, but there are other options out there to repel the heat from your RV.

Use Fans

Increase the airflow throughout your RV when you set up fans. A single fan should do the trick if you’re using a travel trailer with an open floor plan. However, if you’re in a motorhome or fifth wheel with multiple bedrooms, you’ll probably need to set up a few small fans throughout the RV. Additionally, set bowls of ice in front of the fans to add even more coolness to your space.

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Keep Your Vents Clean

We are diligent about cleaning our AC filters and vents. Keeping the filters clean helps the AC to run more efficiently and increases the amount of cool air supplied to your space. During the peak of summer, we recommend cleaning the filters once a week and the vents about every four-to-six weeks.

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