Things to Consider When Purchasing a Fifth Wheel

We know the options can feel overwhelming at times when you’re shopping for a new RV or
travel trailer. Legacy RV Center is here to help you navigate these decisions and find the perfect
fit for your needs. Today we are going to specifically be looking at fifth wheel trailers, and what
you should consider when making a purchase for this type of trailer.
If you are new to travel trailers, you may be wondering where the term “fifth wheel” even comes
from? There aren’t five wheels on the actual trailer, after all. The name is actually derived from
old carriages that had a physical wheel where it could pivot. These days that wheel is replaced
by a truck that is towing the trailer itself. This can give the trailer better turning capabilities as
well as stability while driving. In addition to the easier maneuvering, the fifth wheel also tends to
give you additional storage areas or spaces for sleeping that take up far less room when
compared to a traditional travel trailer.
One of the main things you need to consider when deciding which trailer will work best for you is
if you will be using your current vehicle or purchasing a new one to tow it. You will need a truck
in order to tow a fifth wheel; an SUV simply isn’t configured correctly to carry the type of hitch
needed to connect the trailer. You will also need to consider the payload and towing capacity of
your current truck. If the unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) along with all of the items you are
planning on towing in it surpasses the capabilities of your truck, you may need to consider
upgrading your vehicle. Remember to consider all items that you will be placing in the trailer
such as propane, water, batteries, and everything else you will be needing.
You will also want to make sure that the trailer space and layout is going to meet your needs.
The best place to start for this is usually ensuring that the number of beds are sufficient for the
number of people you plan on needing to accommodate. Floor plans for fifth wheels can vary
widely, so consider if it is more important to have a large living area and kitchen space or more
rooms/beds for sleeping. Toy haulers are also an option if you need to bring along additional
recreational vehicles like motorcycles or side-by-sides.
These are just a few of the main details you will need to take into account when you are
shopping for a fifth wheel trailer, but there are many other aspects including bed sizes,
appliances, generators, bathroom sizes, and entertainment center options. The best way to
choose, however, is to let our trailer and RV experts guide you through the process. Our staff is
able to take all of these factors into consideration and tailor some options just for you. Legacy
RV is the Salt Lake City dealership dedicated to finding the perfect trailer for our customers
within their budget. Stop by to view our inventory and start your adventure.

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