RV Tips: How to Host Thanksgiving at the Campground

So, you’re hosting Thanksgiving at the campground this year? You might be wondering how on earth you’re going to manage to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal in your RV kitchen. Honestly, there are two different ways to make Thanksgiving Day at the campground easy, and we’ll show you how to enjoy your time with your family.

Cook Ahead and Reheat at the Campground

The first way to make Thanksgiving work at the campground is by cooking your casseroles, turkey, and sides ahead of time and storing them in your RV fridge until the meal. You can reheat things in your microwave, over the campfire, or in the RV’s oven to ensure everything gets warm before you serve it. I highly recommend this method for big groups. It’s pretty easy to heat up a lot of things over the fire, and if you have an RV with an outdoor kitchen, you can utilize that space as well.

Plan a Small Meal and Cook Only Your Favorites

The second way to enjoy this holiday at the campground is by planning a small meal with your favorite dishes and cooking it together at the campground. You won’t be able to roast an entire turkey in your RV’s oven, but you could fit a couple of game hens in an Instant Pot or slow cooker. Additionally, you can make small portions, which will allow you to not have to worry about leftovers. This is a great way to spend the holiday when it’s just you and your partner.

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