RV Tips: 5 Ways to Keep Cool While Summer Camping

As a full-time RVer, we have to deal with all-weather types throughout the year. In the summer, the greatest difficulty we face on a day-to-day basis is keeping our RV cool and comfortable. Here are my five best RV tips for keeping your RV cool during the hottest days of summer.

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1. Pick a Shaded Site

The best thing you can do to keep cool is picking a shaded site. The direct sunlight in the middle of summer can quickly heat up your RV interior and cause your A/C units to work overtime to keep up. Instead, try to pick a site with ample tree cover or shade during the hottest parts of the day.

2. Bring a Kiddy Pool

My son is just turning two, and sometimes the walk to the campground swimming pool is more than I’m willing to do after naptime. Thankfully, we have a kiddy pool set up around our campsite, and it’s perfect for letting him cool off while I relax and read a book. This kiddy pool also helps me stay cool because I can easily dip my feet whenever I want and feel refreshed.

kiddie pool
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3. Clean Your A/C Filters

I cannot stress enough the difference it makes in the efficiency of your RVs A/C units when you keep them clean. We try to clean our at least every two weeks to ensure that we’re getting the best air circulation. Additionally, your RV may have separate vents throughout the unit to pump the air through. Inspect these vents to be sure they are properly aimed. We set ours to blow onto our favorite seating places to get that wonderful cool air whenever we settle in after being outside.

4. Use Your Awning

Your RVs awning is for more than just keeping you shaded while you sit outside. We roll ours out every day around noon and put it back every evening to help keep some of the sunlight from hitting the side of the RV and heating it up. Honestly, this is my favorite tip on the list because it makes such a huge difference; just be sure you retract the awning at the end of the day to avoid any potential damage during the night.

5. Close Your Shades

Lastly, during the hottest parts of the day, close your shades to help keep your interior cool. My son is still young enough to need a naptime, so we make this time of day a “quiet time” for all of us and close all the shades to help our A/Cs keep up with the heat. I love natural light, so closing all the shades isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it helps keep us cool, so it’s well worth it

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