RV Tip: 4 Tips for Halloween Camping

If you are spending your Halloween at your favorite haunt, make sure that your Shasta travel trailer from Legacy RV Center is looking the part!  Check out these easy RV tips for decorating your RV for Halloween and making the most of the spooky spirits at the campground!

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Cob Webs

One of the easiest ways to make your RV look spooky this October is by adding a few fake cobwebs. You can pick up these decorations at almost any dollar store, and they are easy to hang since the cotton will cling to almost anything. Drape them over your windows, across your door, even hang them from the awning or surrounding trees.

Trick or Treating Safely

Trick or Treating at the campground is a fun tradition for many families. However, with this year’s safety precautions, many campgrounds have canceled the event. Be sure to check with your campground about upcoming events. Another way to keep everyone safe for trick or treating is to set out goodie bags instead of bowls of candy. This way, you can ensure everything in the bag is properly sanitized.  halloween-trick-or-treat-pumpkin-bucket


Spooky Lighting

Lighting your campsite for Halloween is easy.  If you have solar lights or floodlights for your camper, give a Halloween makeover by taping some colored cellophane over the light. Green, purple, or red will give your campsite an eerie glow!

Offering Non-Food Treats

Another great way to include everyone in the festivities is by offering non-food items for the kids. You can stock up on toys and trinkets at a local thrift shop — make sure to clean all the toys thoroughly — or buy a package of little figurines at the dollar store. An excellent option for kids of all ages is glow sticks!  You can get a package of 5 in various colors at the dollar store.

toys for treats

No matter where you’re spending your Halloween, these tips can help you and your family stay safe and enjoy the holiday.  If you’re looking for a great RV to take you on your next adventure, contact us!

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