RV Maintenance Tips: 6 Ways to Keep You RV on the Road Longer

You’ve just taken home your new Forest River Cardinal Limited 366DVLE fifth wheel from Legacy RV Center, and you’re wondering how to keep it in the best shape. Here are some easy RV maintenance tips that will help you to maintain your RV for years to come.

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Schedule Yearly Maintenance

One of the best ways that you can ensure your fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome stays in pristine condition is by scheduling regular maintenance. Most RVs require a maintenance appointment at least once a year, but some RV owners prefer to get their RV checked before storing it for the winter and again before they take it to the campground for the first trip of the year.

Avoid Rough Roads

Another way you can project your RV is by towing your rig gently and avoid any rough roads. If off-roading is what you love to do, that’s great! Many RVs are equipped to handle off-roading. However, if your rig is not set up for off-road adventures, you’ll need to try and take easy roads to prolong the life of the RV.

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Keep Your Roof Clean

One of the major problem areas on an RV is the roof. Issues usually arise when the debris is left on the roof for long periods of time, or there is a break in the roof caulking. If you see standing water on your roof, getting your RV in for service is essential to avoid long-term damage.

Check Tires Regularly

Before you leave for your next camping trip, be sure to inspect all of your tires thoroughly. The last thing you want is to have a blowout on the road. Make it a habit to check your RV’s tires before you start towing every time you leave.

Keep Slides Clean

If your RV has slide-outs, it’s vital to keep them clean during your stay at the campground and any time the RV is parked for long periods. You can keep debris off the slides by gently sweeping it off with a broom. Try to check for build-ups once a week.

Avoid Mildew on Your Awning

It’s important to never leave your awning rolled up after it gets wet or it can mildew. If it starts to rain and the awning gets caught in it, it’s okay to roll it in and wait for the rain to pass. As soon as you have clear skies, open things up and allow the awning to dry out.

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This Forest River Ozark 2500RK travel trailer has the awning rolled in properly.

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