Camping Hacks: 5 Great Ways to Make Camping Easy

Anyone who loves camping is always looking for great ways to improve their camping experience with gear, tips, hacks, and more.  Today, we’ll show you five of our favorite camping hacks for RVers, tent campers, and everyone in between.  After you’ve read about these great camping tips, start planning your next adventure with Legacy RV Center!

Family RVing in forest

Natural Mosquito Repellant with Sage Bundles

Some of you may already know this, but I was surprised to learn that Sage acts as a natural mosquito repellant! All you have to do is toss a bundle of sage into your fire, and the scent of the sage will drive those little pests away.

Freeze Water Bottles for Your Cooler

Instead of packing your cooler with loose ice, try freezing a bunch of water bottles ahead of time.  This method of packing your cooler will keep your ingredients cold without getting everything soggy as it melts.  Plus, you’ll have plenty of water for drinking later!

Water bottle

Crack Eggs Before You Leave

Whenever we travel, I’m always concerned that our eggs might not make it in one piece.  That’s why it’s best to crack the eggs before we leave and store them in a water bottle instead.  Now, we can have breakfast with no mess and travel without worrying about every bump along the way.

Overnight Shoe Drying with Dirty Clothes

There is almost nothing worse than wet shoes or socks, especially if you’re planning a big hike for tomorrow morning. If you need a way to dry your shoes overnight, try removing the insoles and packing dry, dirty clothes into the shoes. The clothing should absorb the water, and you’ll be able to wear your shoes again by morning!

Hiking boots

Quick Lantern with Water Bottle and Headlamp

Sometimes you forget to pack something essential like a lantern to use on the picnic table after dark.  Thankfully, this camping hack has helped us out numerous times!  Just take a full water bottle and tape a headlamp or flashlight to it.  Now, you have a bright light source that is easy to move.

No matter where your adventures take you, Legacy RV Center can help you get there!  Shop our full collection of RVs for sale today or contact us for more information.

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